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Melanie Lybrand

Melanie is a graduate of the Interior Design program at West Valley College in Saratoga, California. Born and raised in Urbana, IL, Melanie has lived in several areas of the country making Santa Cruz, California her home in 2001. Her time in the Mid-West and Upstate New York has given her a creative take on California style. She loves blending seemingly disparate styles, eras, and even colors; resulting in a magical mix that is surprisingly harmonious and refreshingly unique. She finds inspiration from faraway places and ordinary objects; from fine art and folk art; from the glimmer of precious gemstones and the texture of a river rock. She loves putting her years in the industry to work with her creative talents to design homes that reflect the people who live there, support their lifestyle, and make their home a wonderful place to be, a happy house.

What We Do
Happy House is a boutique interior design firm that creates one of a kind designs for busy professionals who value creativity and quality.
What We Believe
At Happy House we know the impact that a home has in a person's life and we believe in creating interiors that support each individual's lifestyle and uplifts their spirits. Our designs are unique to the client and a direct representation of where they have been, who they are now, and where they desire to be in the future.

Our Process

  • Client intake

  • conceptual design phase

  • detailed design phase

  • purchasing and execution phase

  • installation and follow up

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